Tourist Spot Grand Palace
Chennai beach:
This expansive beach is Chennai's most famous tourist attraction. In Chennai, this is one ideal place for a laid back holidays. The beach is thronged through out the year by several thousand tourists, both domestic and international. The composed climate, the whispering sea, the shimmering sun and the soft sand are all that will make you beach holidays perfect. From Hotel Grand Palace its just 28 Kms
This ancient shrine dedicated to Shiva is centrally located and among the area’s most popular landmarks. Lord Siva once pinched off one of the heads of Brahma to arrest his pride. A crestfallen Brahma came to this place, installed a Siva Lingam and did penance. The Lingam is known as Kapaleeswarar. This temple is known for a panacea from many troubles. Its just 20 KMS
This group of sanctuaries, founded by the Pallava kings, was carved out of rock in the 7th and 8th centuries. It is known especially for its rathas (temples in the form of chariots), mandapas (cave sanctuaries), giant open-air reliefs such as the famous 'Descent of the Ganges', and the temple of Rivage, with thousands of sculptures to the glory of Shiva.
Navaratri or Dussehra (Sept/Oct), Diwali (Oct/Nov), Karthika (Nov/Dec) and Pongal (in Jan) are some of the popular festivals in the region. From mid-December to mid-January, Chennai comes alive with the annual Carnatic classical music and dance festival.
Crocodile Bank:
It’s a farm where several species of Indian and African crocodiles and alligators are bred in captivity. This crocodile bank is on the way to Mahabalipuram and is run by Romulve Whittaker. About 5,000 species are kept in their natural surroundings in open pools. They can be viewed from a safe distance. From HOTEL GRAND PALACE its just 15 kms
Anna Zoological Park:
Situated in Vandalur, about 35-km from Chennai, the Anna zoological park is one of the latest and modern zoos of India and the biggest in South East Asia. Spreading over an area of 510 hectares of dry evergreen forests with gently undulating terrain, the specially created open island type enclosures with wet and dry moats and enclosures with hidden walls and simulated natural environment make the animals, feel in their natural environment. From HOTEL GRAND PALACE its just 4.5 kms
Kanchipuram or the Golden City of Temples is one of the most important centers of Hindu religion and also one of the most picturesque. The place is one of India's seven sacred cities and the second holiest after Varanasi.The city was once the capital of the Pallavas, Cholas, and the Vijayanagar rulers.
It was under the Pallavas from 6th to 8th century AD but, during that period, was also briefly occupied by the Chalukyas, and the Rashtrakutas. Many of the temples situated here are the work of the Pallavas and later Cholas.The most importantant temple to visit are varadarajar, ekambareshwarar, kamakshi amman temple, sri kailasanathar temple etc.
This amusement park is located near Muttukadu enroute to Mahabalipuram. It offers the following rides like karnakasi ranger, water sports, Dashing Boat, Arrow Loop Roller Coaster and 110 feet Dizee Shake. It is must to vist place for children.
VGP Golden Beach:
The Amusement Park in VGP Golden Beach provides wholesome entertainment like Horse Rides, Water Jets, ToraTora, Island Water Park, Lover's Boat, Dragon's belly and a unique Musical Fountain that dances to the strains of music from a computerized orchestra. Another dream addition is the VGP UNIVERSAL KINGDOM, which has latest amusement games, like Water Chute, Jumping Frogs, Dashing Cars, Super Fast rides. etc. in a beautifully landscaped garden. From HOTEL GRAND PALACE it's just 15 kms
Fort St. George:
Built by the British East India Company in 1640, this walled military structure contains numerous important landmarks. This is one very striking structure of Chennai. It's just 27 Kms.
Shopping Points:
Kanchipuram weaving place of royal silks. its just 48 kms from HOTEL GRAND PALACE. One can Purchase silks from t.nagar. The hub for all retail and lifestyle needs. For Handicrafts, visit the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan or the or the Tamil Nadu State Poompuhar Emporium and also get an accessed to near by shops . more shopping complexes such as Spencers Plaza, Alsa Mall or Prince Plaza near Egmore, or in Nungambakkam and T NagarThere are a lot of places and shops worth visiting other than a specified.
The attractions represent a wonderful blend of tomorrow's technology and all-time fantasies. Some hi-tech and exciting rides and attractions here are space shuttle, wave pool, white water, flame ride and Kiddies Kingdom. Navodaya Mass Entertainment opened the amusement park. Navodaya is the seat of such rare talents and experimentation and research for excellence is the main pre-occupation. Kishkinta is situated 4 km west of Tambaram